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C# Programming & .NET Projects for €30 - €250. C# .NET Framework 4.6.2, should run in VS2015 we need source code, roality free distribution, all rights on  

You can effectively do just about anything via the API that you can do using their fairly robust trading platform. As a broker alone it's hard to beat IB's crazy low commissions (most of my orders are so low they get rounded up to the $1 minimum commission per order). Combine that with a fairly straightforward API and it's hard to beat. Metatrader 4 API in C++ @ Forex Factory Mar 06, 2020 · Using a platform for trading, however, would also like to add MT4 trading capability, thus wondering if there is an API in C++. Ideally, via API to connect the platform to MT4 server of a broker and not use the MT4 client. I saw there are some in .Net / c#, however, I wonder if there are any API available in C++ and if anyone knows of it. Thank API Trading - FXCM South Africa What is API Trading? An application programming interface (API) is a set of definitions, protocols, and tools for building application software. In general terms, it is a set of clearly defined methods of communication between various software components. FXCM offers four FREE APIs, each connecting Which is better for an automated forex trading API ... Dec 14, 2018 · First, let me clarify what API, Metatrader or Oanda are in relation to automated trading. Metatrader and API are ways of linking an automated trading strategy to your Forex broker so that trades are automatically entered. Oanda, on the other hand

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The priority of InstaForex is providing innovative services to its customers for successful trading. Since the very first day, the international Forex broker has been  Forex trading, online day trading system, introducing Forex Brokers, and other stock related services provided online by 5 Jul 2019 The API is provided by Spotware who created the trading platform to allow algorithmic traders to build their own trading robots, indicators and  cAlgo, cTraders algorithmic program, allows forex traders to build their own custom technical indicators and robots (known as cBots) utilising the modern C# API. cAlgo lets you build trading robots and custom technical indicators using C#. cAlgo's API, specifically designed for e-FX trading, uses syntax in human  cTrader Automate. Build automated trading robots and custom indicators in the popular C# language using the cTrader API. Find out more. StockSharp (shortly S#) – are free programs for trading at any markets of the world (American, European, Asian, Russian; stock, futures, options, bitcoins, forex, etc.). API has been designed for C# programmers who use Visual Studio. S#.

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OANDA ALGO LAB - Online Trading & FX for Business OANDA ALGO LAB. Powered by QuantConnect, the OANDA Algo Lab allows you to code, backtest, and deploy your own automated forex and CFD † trading strategies right … Forex JSON API Documentation | FCS Forex Currency Profile Details. In our API, You can get all the details about Forex currencies. Details like its name, country name, bank name, currency unit, type of notes and more details.

API). Trading and algorithmic trading platform (stock markets, forex, bitcoins and options). .NET wrapper Async C# Client for the CoinPaprika API. Score: 2.3 

14 Mar 2017 FIX API robot can be written using the FIX API Java, FIX API python or FIX API C# libraries which can be simply integrated into the development  API Trading | is a registered FCM and RFED with the CFTC and member of the National Futures Association (NFA # 0339826). Forex trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Full Disclosure. Spot Gold and Silver contracts are not subject to regulation under the U.S. Commodity Exchange Act. C# Broker API for FX Trading - Quantitative Finance Stack ..., the leading independent portal dedicated to the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market, was brought to life in January 2000 by its founder, Francesc Riverola, an economist from Barcelona (Catalunya), who moulded his original "home business" into a solid international company.

S#.API - a free algorithmic trading API. StockSharp S#.API is a free library both for beginners and for experts in algorithmic trading. S#.API has been designed for C# programmers who use Visual Studio. S#.API lets you create any trading strategy, from long-timeframe positional strategies to high frequency strategies (HFT) with direct access to the exchange (DMA). GitHub - StockSharp/StockSharp: Algorithmic trading and ... Nov 08, 2019 · StockSharp (shortly S#) – are free programs for trading at any markets of the world (American, European, Asian, Russian, stocks, futures, options, Bitcoins, forex, etc.). You will be able to trade manually or automated trading (algorithmic trading robots, conventional or HFT). forex-trading · GitHub Topics · GitHub Mar 14, 2020 · Expected Behavior. Is there an elegant and simple way to visualize a few trading models plotted on 1 chart? In fact a lot of projects like mine are centered around comparing various models (and even groups of models), so that would be handy to have a sugary way around this process, so:

Alpha Vantage offers free APIs in JSON and CSV formats for realtime and historical stock and forex data, digital/crypto currency data and over 50 technical indicators. Supports intraday, daily, weekly, and monthly quotes and technical analysis with chart-ready time series. 100% free with unlimited API calls. Free Charting Library by TradingView If you need a standalone trading frontend, or a chart with trading capabilities to integrate into an existing platform, we’ve got you covered. Complete trading functionality is just as important as awesome charts. Trading capabilities are easily turned off and on through the API. API Developer | TD Ameritrade The API allows developers to enable their software to connect to TD Ameritrade for trading, data, and account management. The API is language-independent, simple, and robust. TD Ameritrade’s API features include: Trading - Submitting, canceling, modifying orders; Streaming data - Level I, Level II, News, and Actives 1